March 22nd, 2010


blossom on the branches

Harlequin had her first tree this weekend. I was up on the stepladder trying to angle the anvil loppers through my rear neighbour's encroaching laurel when she decided that stepping up from the fence into his bolted hedge and seeing how far she could wriggle into the lelandii might be fun. Fortunately she bottled while still in reach of one the classic cat rescues, and I was able to rescue her through standing on top of the step ladder bent over so she could jump onto my back. Whether is was the FEAR! or the exposure to other cats (she also came face to face with Graham Norton next door, who hissed her off, and new cat Jimmy Carr who stuck around until Teasel and Harley joined forces in a double stare of doom) she decided to spend the evening curled up on the bed with Teasel, a first for them. Tim walked in on them while they were grooming each other's faces on top of a pile a clean washing.

In othe news, OMG Nectarine! has made it through the winter and has just burst into blossom. I hope it can find a bee; it's a bit early!

Next of the tenovertwelvers, is bloodlossgirl's A Sofa in February, chilly songs in warm beats like a sofa floating in snowball space, a cosy fastness in the depths of midwinter. Standouts for me were Cake's supremely earwormy and faintly disturbing Italian Leather Sofa, and New Zero by Rasputina (I've been off buying Rasputina since...)

A Sofa in February
A Sofa in February


head of smoked glass

With stupid inevitability, I'm getting a head cold. So much to do and no space for anything but cotton wool. Throbbing head of heavy persistent dullness. I was going to get Things done this evening. But maybe my days of doing things are over now; time and calendar all filled in, every space chunked and allocated with a clonk and a clunk. All along the river, trees are showing their pussy willows. A goose has started a nest on the island of that house that looks weirdly Venetian, stepping across a channel of the Thames by Folly Bridge. My mother is bringing me her propogater next week, and a pile of gardening books. Time spins on.

This stunning cover wraps around Get here in one piece by buddleia, the soundtrack to looking at the weather and deciding to call a snow day, only to find yourself worrying about friends out on the road, in the cold. That Stars track is lovely, but my winner is Antarctica, so cold and practical.

Get here in one piece
Get her in one piece
By buddleia


moments between posts

This also happened today:

  • 09:26 Wonder why I can smell fairground hotdogs on Folly Bridge? Makes me want a festival breakfast. Literary festival's on alas wrong breakfast.
  • 09:35 A portly middle aged man walking by toting an M&S carrier bag and a blow job is better than no job t-shirt. Someone got lucky last night...
  • 09:46 Struck by a sudden desire to break out into interpretive dance in the break-out area. This is what I get for skipping breakfast.
  • 19:47 Oh my. BBC 1 have just locked a television presenter inside a Schrödinger's Box. There are currently two of Dallas, one dead, one alive.
  • 20:13 @Tanukitsune I know! I sawI your tweetpic. If you ever do make into tea by accident I will give you another gladly :)