April 16th, 2010


tenovertwelvers, this is your two week warning!

Two weeks remain to return your compilations for March, April... rules, my address and so on are all in this grouplocked post. My long-list is currently standing at 4.2 hours, so I'm off into the soundgarden to do a bit of hard pruning...

It seemed a little hazy, cool and weird this morning, and then a bit too hot and dry in the afternoon. I was hoping the ash might provoke some rain, but the weather continues defiantly bright. Of course, volcanic ash is a marvellous fertiliser; and if Amanda Palmer's I'm-stuck-in-Iceland-oh-no blog post is anything to go to, most people inconvenienced are making the best of it... things happen, neh.

You remember what the themes were, right?

temperate primula

Beware the Ides/The Cruellest Month

alarm clock bird

Legs, boots and birds (and other fantastic creatures)

new maple leaves

A fragile spring/sweet green explosion horn rising