May 18th, 2010


tenovertwelvers, your next themes are....

Thank you for your contributions, tenovertwelvers! I'm a few days late with posting the themes, I'm afraid. However, they are simpler this time:

1. May, June
2. Mayflies, Mayfowers/A fighting chance
3. Summer between the mountain and the sea

As ever, feel free to be inspired but go off at a tangent, do your own theme or willfully ignore the themes. However, there are some rules that Must Not Be Ignored. Go under the cut to view them: Collapse )

Look out for CDs coming back to you shortly. There are a few spaces open this bi-month if anyone else wants to take part. Now I'm going to go and listen to them all :)

moments between posts

This also happened today:

  • 17:58 J G Ballard would love Bicester Village. He'd love it to death. With a machine gun and a multiple lorry pile-up. Maybe a flame thrower.
  • 18:21 Just saw a Bullfinch at the train station! Was wondering what it was that had that amazing yet unfamiliar song. Also a magpie. Bah. Sorrow.
  • 19:23 Someone who looks like a minor character from the comic I'm writing just got on the bus. It's always a good sign when that happens!
  • 23:34 @jinty On my way back from a meeting, killing half an hour till the train came. The station was full of confused people with shopping bags.