June 18th, 2010


moments between posts

This also happened today:

  • 12:24 Just walked by a man carefully carrying a full coffeemug and three hearts in vacuum sealed plastic. Should have said yes to the carrierbag.

I dreamed my boss came into work and I was the only one there

Wait! That was no dream!

Ehhh, morale may be a little low today. Not as low as in certain other offices, however! "Prepare for 90% redundancy*," is rather worse than what we got. Though it's still early days, I suppose.

Then the alarm went off and I thankfully I finally left the office, feeling too poor to go down the pub... but what does that matter when there's party leftovers and bolshy perrennials to reinvision as a moderne coktail?

I present the Gardentini: a short measure each of Blackcurrant Vodka and Vermouth, a long measure of Archers, all over ice. Crush the stem of a vigorous, aromatic herb (I'm using golden marjoram) and add to the mix, with a further sprig for decoration. Sprinkle with rose petals from the garden. Serve with a side oder of disco and anti-royalist** feelings.

**Specifically "Prince Charles! Shut up and stop abusing your position!"