June 23rd, 2010


tenovertwelvers, your time is nearly up!

I've already had one bow out, oh noes! See you next bimonth, bloodlossgirl, be less busy! ...but that of course means there's a space or two if anyone else wants to play! The deadline to return your compilation + memory stick by the end of June. By which I actually mean the end of next week, of course. It's a busy and frantic time for everyone at the moment, but that actually makes me want to go drown myself in apocalyptic summertime tunes. A reminder of the rules, my address, etc. is in this group-locked post here and a reminder of the themes is here:

May, June
may flower combination

Mayflies, mayflowers / A fighting chance
ephemeral handbag

Summer between the mountain and the sea
heading home>