June 30th, 2010


moments between posts

This also happened today:

  • 11:33 @garenewing suggest you get in touch with Al Davison, he knows this stuff. I don't (I'm CRB checked) but that doesn't mean I'm not wrong.
  • 11:41 Heading to London for internet Safety Training training, a site map on my lap and a slightly slow internet connection for company.
  • 14:56 @mondoagogo course ends at 4.30 so hope so it's not too taxing so far; do you know what chatroulette is? Er, yes.
  • 15:00 There's an incredibly fat pigeon eating a bush outside the conference centre. I fear for its safety (the bush).
  • 16:36 After a minor tussle about my name, have escaped the training, now wondering about beer in Pimlico.
  • 16:43 Racking my brain over what emergency could possibly need three police landrovers. Something stuck in the mud? They were heading riverwards.

  • 17:09 Watching a crew set up, newswoman in front of rodin's burghers of calais. Wait! No, they've moved round. Houses of parliament, as usual.
  • 17:38 An astonishingly skinny hipster just strode by furiously polishing his ipad. Think I'd better wait for the rugged edition...