July 3rd, 2010

Harlequin kitten

geeking in the garden

This is ace, this is. Out in the garden, diddy lap-top on lap (Gecko is still in the middle of mend-me, which is delaying my tenovertwelve, embarrassingly) surrounded by mixed poppies and rather dry-looking coreopsis (call that rain?) happily consuming coffee and wireless.

Last night we accidentally went to The Rusty Bicycle (most Oxford of pubs). In the back garden, a bunch of boys were trying to impress some girls by showing them videos of back-garden science on their hand-held convergence device ("and then we filled the paddling pool with helium...") the punchline being that that the experiment was particularly interesting and cool because it produced an unexpected result...

Tragically we were overcome by the heavy weight of Cafe Nour's double-size tapas and had to leave before they got to the explosion. Or am I assuming an explosion when the payoff was actually greater knowledge?

Speaking of unexpected results, last night Harlequin kitten jumped up onto the bedroom window, was flummoxed not to find a window open and plummeted straight onto my face. She managed to get most of her claws in but I have one clean deep scratch tracing the curve of my cheek, like a Reepicheep rapier scratch. It felt like a black eye for sure, so I'm pleased with the results overall. She came and purred round my head while I had an involved dream about attending some sort of strange gardening and art festival in a huge old country house, so all if forgiven. They had animatronic dinosaurs in the childrens courtyard! It was ace.