July 9th, 2010


bluescreen waterfall

Well, a few days silence, while I shift operations back to the desktop. Gecko's awaiting delivery of a fresh hard disk, and I have a new amusing paperweight in the form of the old one. The only data casualty I've noticed so far is a cache of emusic downloads which I'd forgotten were being stored in a random folder somewhere. Fortunately, emusic being a civilized and rational mp3 reseller, reobtaining such tracks as I care about shouldn't present major problems.

OK, though -- I am interested in a couple of personal recommendations for two utilities I find myself in need of: a DVD ripper and something which yanks tracks off an ipod. Anyone on XP and using something that works? My needs aren't great -- I'm unlikely ever to be ripping more than 15 minutes at a time, e.g.

In other news, I'm currently drinking about a pint of iced tea and I'd recommend anyone else in the UK to do the same; oh, and going outside barefoot wasn't the smartest idea, either. I was hopping from foot to foot like one of those crazy lizards.