August 5th, 2010


spare us $10 to make a shiny comic?

There follows a short plea from the Whores of Mensa, as we are down on our uppers and short of shrift and cash following the various shenanigans of yesteryear. You weren't there? It was exciting, but at the end of a series of thrilling legal escapades we were declared "de minimus" (Latin for "too small to bother about") and strictly forbidden from reprinting something. Go Team WOM! Slightly diminished but undeterred, we are publishing a further, strictly limited, all-new edition, the bumper W.O.M. Party Issue which has something (or someone) for every partygoer. With a fat 54-page count and a colourful wraparound cover. $10 pledge gets you your own copy, guaranteed. $25 gets a badge and a Gocco print thrown in. After that we start piling on the favours. Read the plea in full, see the video, etc.

Artists, creatives and cartoonists, there's still time to join the party on the cover. Ellen needs a high-res reveller on or before August 14th. Dancers, drinkers, lechers, liggers and jiggers especially welcome. Full colour please. No stretching that deadline, darling, you're already fashionably late.

P.S. We were 98% funded before the page count stretched from 42 to 54... any we raise above the target will go straight into printing more of the comic.