August 18th, 2010


tenovertwelvers, this is your two-week warning

OK, tenovertwelvers, I'm loosening the deadline for getting your compilations in just a little because August has been well frantic. So the deadline's gone to the weekend of the 4th-5th September, hope that's agreeable to all? Let me know if you're joining in, dropping out, fancy having a go this month, have enjoyed drastic changes of address or other circumstances via comments or message depending on your privacy needs. Full details are in the usual locked post (ask me to add you in if you're joining for the first time) but here is the digest version:

One audio CD designed to be listened from beginning to end on one, none or more of these themes:

1. July through August on Summerisle
two suns in the loch

2. Cock-ups, Cuts and Cover-ups
the plans and the toilet

3. Heat of a thousand suns
the banana dance

4. Intermittent Connectivity

As ever, feel free to ignore and hare off in another direction entirely.