September 12th, 2010


catching up on the memes

Having just finished my latest Gripping Novel (Dickensian Steampunk alchemical phantasie The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters by G W Dahlquist -- highly recommended if you're OK about losing the thread repeatedly until you get the characters straightened out -- and with none of the distasteful ethical issues which dogged my previous Gripping Novel, far-future Orwellian colourscape scifiction Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde) I think it's time I got a meme done.

Ten green things I love

This meme was passed to me by steppenpunk so long ago I don't even remember. The colour was generated randomly but is entirely appropriate as green is "my" colour (it's a large family thing -- my younger sisters' colours are blue, purple, and yellow, and my older sister's is red). I think I lucked out; it's a colour that's easy to love.

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Anyone who was expecting the other meme, well, OK -- let's see how my webcam made it through the clean re-install. Like you don't get to see the real me all the time anyway, in most of my user icons. By some miracle, that's my NATURAL hair colour:

the real me