October 10th, 2010


he must be sparkly he is a vampire!

Finished the first comic from the manga group, though I misplaced some pages and my brain hurts trying to reorder them right.

Ginger ninjas, sparkly vampires and American cops in sunglasses. "I think I might need photo reference for that," I said. Thanks to new google image search, photo reference is a quick click (remember the days it meant a visit to the library? No, of course you don't. Pre-internet, when we had to remember the slow way). Although, for future reference, "American cop costume" wasn't the best starting point.

At the moment they're coming up with the story and I'm drawing it, but a couple of them are busy moving on from fanart, moody character portraits and cute creatures to groups of characters that will interact and create a story. Can't wait to see that happen. Here's the minicomic, anyway:

Cover for Inga's story
Cover for Inga's story
Collaborative comic made with an art group

As you can see, it ends just as the plot is taking off. This is because we'd just got the point that ideas were firing fast when we had to wrap up. I could make a little reading series of minis, maybe? A box set! Page sixteen isn't included, but it's only a to-be-continued:

missing colophon
missing colophon
We may go to another chapter!

They're all mad about Hetalia, which is kind of compulsive, I have to admit.