November 29th, 2010


some things

Whores of Mensa 5 got a lovely review from Page 45 -- whose online shop is up and running now, sad Oxfordites who are deprived of comicy goodness. I only have a single page in it because Archie Prufrock and the Party at the End of the World didn't make it to clean script. I don't think there's anything intrinsically impossible about the story but I picked up a paranoia somewhere about writing obnoxious characters which keeps hammering at my attempts to tidy it into pages.

Actually, I have a whole bunch of these (paranoias) going at the moment. Well, that's what the CBT is for, I guess, but I keep prioritising making peace and currying favour working better with colleagues, although that may not be a problem for much longer, of course.

I finally made it to an Alternative Press Fair which is lots of fun; brightly coloured and easy-to-find, zoetrope-making in the bar and tie-dyeing on the stage. Lots of pretty books and mad comics and many wild zines -- crazycrone, I found one of yours in a classic underground comics box! Reviews and more details to follow, in the usual style.

On Christmas Lights night, we went the arty route and viewed a bunch of artistic interventions in the old court rooms in the Town Hall (I was labelled bird-based performance art after I reflexively hooted at a small child in a darkened room) and then joined the first Oxford Unsilent night on an ambient modern classical wassail around the alleyways of Oxford -- which was an absolutely brilliant and whole new way to experience walking in Oxford. We stopped traffic outside the examination schools; got to test the acoustics of cobbles and gargoyles; just outside Corpus Christi we passed the Oxford Ghost Tour; and we ended up at Santa's Grotto, which is in the exercise yard of the old prison this year! There was a half-hour wait for buses on the way home, which we fortunately spent walking home, rather than waiting, for buses.

Bad things, too; two migraines in the last week, one very debilitating (albeit brief) and tinnitus coming and going. The times, I suppose.

tenovertwelvers, dust off your christmas hats!

Helloooooooooo tenovertwelvers! Time to shove a bit on tinsel onto the music compilation creation software of your choice, crank up the terrifying clockwork santa and start making a fuss, because in just a few week's time it will be the [midwinter festival of your choice]!!!! Whether you're a devotee of Saturnalia, Fuckwinter, Kwanzaa or Yule, whether you like your tree living, dying or made from science, no matter what shade of roast pleases you the most, it's time to make [a compilation CD of] a holiday to remember; or to forget, depending on which themes you pick.

Here are your themes:

1. In the Snow Queen's Palace
2. Carving the bird
3. Save me from Christmas
4. (the runaway winner) Ticky

There were a lot of themes just bubbling under, so if you want to return to the poll and enlist those seven extra LJ IDs you bought yourself for oh, some reason, to push Frost Bites, Killer Nights, Under the Ice, Christmas Kittens, I'll have a Kwanzaa please Alison, Standard Bizarre Christmas Compilation or (heaven help us) Jedward into that coveted Christmas number 1 spot, please do. You can even do theme "November, December" if you want (I forgot that one).

Rules address and all are in the usual locked post -- let me know if I need to LET YOU IN.

Deadline will be 8th January 2011!!!!