December 31st, 2010


adventures in astonishing corners of culture

I'm in the frantic catch-up stage of this year's cultural experiences. I haven't really had time to pick and chose or anything, so I've just gone with what was to hand.

Scott G Mariani's Uprising, volume 1 of the Vampire Federation series, a young adult vamp fantasy set in Oxfordshire/Transylvania/Canary Wharf. Features some truly impressive scenes set in Wallingford, and a notable moment when the leather-clad, motor-bike riding hero smashed his way through the secret door to the Vampire lair in a big yellow JCB. In case you were wondering if it was aimed at boys or girls. Volume 2 now available for pre-order on Amazon!

VH1 Top 40 of the year. Who knew Katy Perry's oeuvre was so broad and masterful? Usefully reminded me that I still hadn't caught Beyonce and Gaga's Telephone, and also lead to a greater understanding of the mute button. Go me.

Watched Let the Right one In. Nicely shot, but I'm still a little surprised by the critical acclaim given that it's just Twilight for that difficult late primary age-group, when you're toying with psychotically murdering the people who annoy you and suffering the first round of strange, mixed-up feelings for girls.

Listened to (parts of) Annie Lennox's Cornucopia of Christmas (a gift), in which Annie goes carol singing in some terrible village inhabited only by her, a traditional folk band, and a choir of small, terrified, children. I wonder if Cher has done one of these? Maybe I'll find out next year.
2020 lack of vision

2010 in photographs

It's the end of the year review time again, and as usual I find myself not really wanting to answer questionnaires or compile lists. After all, the review of the year is really the totality of the journals -- flickr, twitter, tumblr and here, of course. There are new things and good things that happened this year; lots of births and weddings, excitements and changes, and discoveries. On the whole I'd look on 2010 for me as a year of learning, practising, rehearsing, laying foundations, exploring, discovering. It's a pretty good way to spend a year:

it was cold in there

January: Month of crystals and snowstorms, some real, some made of art. This is at Seizure -- half a ground floor flat tuned into a bright blue crystal garden.

Harlequin vs T-Res

February: Month of domestic/romance. This photo was taken shortly before Harlequin was finally allowed out, which was around Valentine's day.

omg nectarine!

March: Month of the Garden. Bulbs popped up, buds burst, and there was a general and pretty thrilling green explosion out back.

65 Tarns

April: Month of visits. Mum and Clive came to Oxford (which is lovely in April) and I got to see her amazing 65 Tarns book.

Dinosaurs unleashed!

May: Month of Dinosaurs. Also music, the first wedding of the season and a revolutionary may day party to remember (and an election to forget)

class system on the river.

June: Month of the tow path. My morning commute became a happy round of rowers, sun, goslings, cygnets and morning drunks.

Ruth's Hen Day 17 (10-07-24)

July: Month of pure busy. This is me on the zip wire at squigglyruth's hen party, taken by elleblue, I was sorting out a destroyed computer and didn't upload a thing all month.

marvels of mirazozo

August: Month of Milton Keynes. I flew owls, experienced culture, rebuilt computer, went to London for more art, did an end of the world workshop at Caption.

round and round

September: Month of the giddy whirl. Second wedding, second hen night, comics launch night, rebuilding the bedroom and skittering back and forth to London, Bath and IKEA.

suggestive shrubbery

October: Month of the imploding career. Things get weird at work; I attend a local government innovation event; write a grant proposal for something I'm not, but could be.

plotting your downfall

November: Month of the family wedding. I give a speech and we have a sunny walk along Bournemouth beach, see a butterfly.

in bondage to winter

December: Month of the deep freeze. Ice all across the Thames, snow, terrifying fogs and glittering hoar frosts. Uncertainty and deep cuts.