January 8th, 2011


eye trouble : also, oi tenovertwelvers!

Ugh. I woke up yesterday with my eyelid glued shut, after my cold apparently took the decision that migrating to my eyeball was clearly its destiny. Fortunately the glue was water soluble, and lunch-time found me blinking weakly at the trainee pharmacist and then the senior pha.macist, who sent me away with a interesting new task; to get over my instinct not to squirt stuff into my eyes. So far my attempts to crush the blink-and-duck reflex are going quite well, so chalk one up for civilization. The eye seems to be getting better, too, though I'm bastard tired and shakey. The eye doesn't look good either, it's swollen, red and quite revolting. Ugh.

Message for those taking part in the last tenovertwleve CD compilation swap; it's time to invoke the Dinosaur of decision, drill it down to one CD, burn it, wrap it and send it in the post to me.

broken snake fountain