January 25th, 2011


tenovertwelvers, the last of christmas is winging its way to you

Dear, dear tenovertwelvers. Thanks most profoundly for your patience; the comps are in the post and coming back to you. And what a mix they are! From timscience's winter palace witch house mix to a marvellous mystery Christmas pop quiz from shermarama, all the contributions have been magnificent. Also a very special mention to girlycomic for totally owning the theme "ticky". As ever, all of your varied vagrants of seasonal songs and mangled fragments of tinsel and treasures have been loaded up, in order, on my ipod to be listened through as I walk to work.

Today, interrupting your usual fare of swans, rowers, ducks and comorants, I present oxfordhacker's Season to Taste, a woozy wander through some dark shopping centre of the soul, fuelled only by Starbucks eggnog latte and sense of implacable outrage against the capitalist dystopian despotism of the shop mix tape at xmas. Highlights for me were Everything but the Girl's 25th December and the wonderfully lugubrious Presence of Presents from Kid Crayola. Full tracklist under the cut, plus a video of the ultimate Christmas card newsletter song:

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