January 28th, 2011

2020 lack of vision

fieldfares by the road

One of those days when I had to dart out for lunch and was still tapping like a machine-gun as the alarum sounded to clear the building. Made the mistake of eating my sandwich on the way back to the office and nearly lost a hand. Should never have taken my gloves off. Whatever wind chill that is out there, it's too much. On the way home I bundled my furry hood over my mutzi and tucked my phone against my ear to chat to mum on the way home. She'd been up a mountain and put her name to a petition against the proposed closure of public toilets in her area (they, like so much else, are in the firing line of the cuts). She had an exhibition coming up in the summer! I'd better finish some pictures, she says....

Today the compilations turned to icy sparkly twinkly shimmery glitteriness with bloodlossgirl's Christmas in the Snow Queen's Palace. Deep chill and sparkly iciness -- Swayzak's the Frozen Loch is the perfect partner to riverside walking, and on the tow path, I discovered that St Etienne's lovely No Cure for the Common Christmas has a sound in it just like a slightly impatient bicycle bell sounding behind you. Go under the cut for a full track-list and a gorgeously trippy tropicalhouse dream of a video for Gold Panda's Snow and Taxis.

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P.S. Seems I've had problems with tags on this one. It might be out of order, the artists might be missing. Sorry, I really must stop using itunes.