February 13th, 2011


Reinventing the Darwin Feast

Yesterday was the birthday of the great Charles Darwin, massive procrastinator and close observer of worms. In recognition of this (and because I'd had the idea a while ago and it would not let me go until I had at least tried to bring it into reality) I decided to have some friends around for a modern Darwin Feast. A traditional Darwin Feast -- more strictly a Phylum Feast, based on a club Darwin attended at university -- involves killing and eating as many wildly different animals as possible.

Mine, as you can see below, took a different tack; I wanted to see if it was possible in a single evening to eat your way through our planet's evolutionary history. The answer seems to be yes, although we didn't stop eating until 2am!

Click through for a bigger view or go under the cut for an annotated menu, complete with preparation notes. Collapse )

Many thanks to geroge, ginger_princess, oxfordhacker, tinyjo, damiancugley and of course the lovely timscience for help, advice, encouragement, cheer-leading, t-shirts, alcohol and heroic eating.

I'd also like to thank David Attenborough, whose Life on Earth was playing in the next room throughout.