February 23rd, 2011



I'm having a few days off work (and very glad to) at the moment, sorting out and catching up and all those things. The cats are full of glee to get so much quality fuss time. On the sofa this morning with Harlequin curled up purring on my back; and Teasel fulfilling his catly duties by making sure he had a good wander all over everything I was doing in the studio.

One of the things I was doing was this week's strip -- remember those? It's nearly five years since I started seeing timscience and I happened on some notes and scraps from when we were getting together, when I suffered a lot from thoughts of doom and disaster, and specifically it all being doomed. I'm very pleased it turned out not to be doomed after all :)

collywobbles - detail
collywobbles - detail
Tales of chilly mornings