March 28th, 2011


caught in the red tape of the future

I dreamt that I was a union representative for house-sitters. We were putting together guidelines for employers around consensus reality, on the grounds that in very variant home realities, house-sitting was a much more difficult and skilled job.

The guidelines were backed up with representative specimen realities (navigated to by specifying a file path, I was having to insert these links into the document) in order to give the document some bench-marks. However, I was deeply uncertain about this as a guideline methodology.

I worried that the rich and terminally clueless would interpret this as a sort of arms race of idiocy, where (rather than taking home the basic message, i.e. don't "forget" to tell your house-sitter about the time-rip in the basement, you will be held liable when she's eaten by velociraptors) they would try to come up with new and stupid things to do in their houses that we hadn't thought of in the guidelines, and that we would find them quoted back at us, phrase and link, by Horlicks-chomping lawyers whose reasonable arguments would unwrap a horrifying future of specifying absolutely everything.