June 29th, 2011

2020 lack of vision

singlehandedly propping up the economy

Hurray! I have obtained shoe, although not a sensible brown shoe I can wear to my interview. The shoes are orange. I found them on the sale rail and bought them with unseemly haste. Consume!!! Speaking of which, we joined the hordes of middle-class vultures in smart towns and spent (chunks of) Saturday pressed to the icy bosom of our local Habitat. I resisted fairy-lights (at a mere 20% reduction they were nowhere near cheap enough) but fell for a ridiculously tiny cup and saucer decorated with a bright red fish, some rather nice glasses, an atomic votive bulb and fridge-magnets in the shape of abstract fighter planes. Oh, and this amazing crumpled geometric planter of awesome:

better planter shot new shoes!

Complete with shot of shoes. Otherwise I fail the internet. Alas poor Helena, though. Even with the shop closing, and a 20% reduction (probably) I just didn't want it enough.

Never mind, all guilt at profligacy was easily erased by the next of the springtime tenovertwelvers, On the West Wind, a hazy lazy mix of Canadiana from oxfordhacker bright and refreshing as the first alfresco beer of the year. Collapse )