July 26th, 2011

2020 lack of vision

birthday's end and back to work

I just dismantled my hammock under the grey clouds of Tuesday. It's been a lovely weekend. I drank cocktails, caught a bit of sun, amused some tourists, saw snuggling aardvarks, ate a grapefruit and had light-up balloons in my back garden, where all the sunflowers came out, the passion vine re-sprouted about three feet from where it tragically died last winter, and a courgette I'd forgotten I'd even planted (golden globe) started fruiting. Thanks to all for birthday wishes, cards, awesome flowers with dinosaur stickers, etc.

In the usual way of things, we had a variety of items left behind. The only one that's still mysterious is a tupperware box that contained strawberries. The strawberries are long gone I'm afraid, but would you like your tupperware back?

snuggling aardvarks zoolates classic portrait
Time for Tea penguin pattern