September 25th, 2011


strumpet with space goose

Comic book diaries continue. Today, messing around on the tow-path and in my studio getting stuff ready for the new and glorious evolution of Whores of Mensa. Yes, we are relaunching, renaming, and generally growing up a bit. Look out for pre-orders soon for Strumpet -- The Dress Up edition.

Strumpet ("A Transatlantic flight of comics fancy") will be an anthology of female creators from both sides of the Atlantic, edited by ellenlindner and myself, with co-whore mardoucomics. Each issue will include a selection of strips including a longer strip from one of us, and this time it's my turn. My strip's called Project Paper Doll and it's another period piece, albeit one that required a little less research than the comic I just did about Lady Human Cannonballs. For this one I'm heading back down into the deep dark well that is Dorset in the 1980s, looking for something odd and old, like a second-hand party dress.

Speaking of second hand party dresses, a scene which didn't make it into the strip -- sadly -- was an old memory of Polly Harvey (yes, that Polly Harvey) coming to a party full of little girls in pretty frilly party dresses in (wow!) purple dungarees, and kicking off her shoes to play barefoot in the garden. My mother remembers it as my party, but I don't remember it that way. I think it was the party of my pretty friend Antonia, who was only in the village for a short while, till her mum got her next move sorted out.

Also: this. The Melancholy Adventures of Space Goose started life as a primitive comic strip. Now (thanks to the genius of motodraconis) it has become a concrete animation for Kosmoceratops by Space Heroes of the People! Technically still a WIP as gingerprincess wants to revisit some of the bass recordings, but please feel free to repost at will.