October 6th, 2011


wake-up thursday

Wake up Thursday! Steve Jobs is dead, alas, autumn is here, and time is crackling on. I am at the lost outreaches of autumn, snatching moments between management training courses and managing change to sit on a a stone bench in a Business Park on the outskirts of town and put another few words in boxes for the next time sat I'm at my glass desk. One of the worst things about this this year has been the faltering of The Weekly Strip. I don't think they've ever been of much interest to other people, but I use them to align my thoughts and set them straight, to take the ungovernable and the impossible and set it sensibly in proper boxes. But perhaps there comes a time when there's really no time for that any more. Never mind; I have done other things, and one of them is a decent, long strip for my new collaboration with ellenlindner, mardoucomics, and others. It's called Strumpet, and you can see the front cover here. There's more to say about this, of course, but the salient information is this; you can pre-order your copy of Strumpet (formerly the Whores of Mensa) for just $10 using Amazon payments via Kickstarter here: ETA -- a little hard to tell this morning, but I think the embedded video is giving LJ kittens -- You can see it on Kickstarter here, it features me talking on the towpath *and* drawing in the studio.