January 23rd, 2012


I have a cold; also paint dust in my hair

Urgh. Grim. I have mostly avoided colds this winter, but here you go; take a couple of days off to (for example) make new minicomic Owl is Hungry (a follow-up to my 2008 smash Owl is Angry, although I regret to report that Owl's partner, Private Sector Pussycat* doesn't feature this time. Mr Magpie is his usual loveable self. Also introducing Admin Finch!) and here comes the cold! Tishoo. Although I performed a major round of comic book creator procrastanets today after I decided to see if Jo's wallpaper steamer was still working. Turned out it was! And I spent the rest of the afternoon destroying the woodchip paper in the hallway. I hate woodchip paper. When I was ill as a child** I would lie in bed staring at it in the dim light of the sleepytime bulb until all the little chips reversed and became tiny pits in the apple-pansy-rose-primrose wall. Pastels. Woodchip. I will destroy them all.

On balance, though, I was a bit too enthusiastic for my physical capabilities, and ended up a bit piteous, although not too piteous to cook dinner. Chilli aubergine layer bake! Life returns!

Two gigs this week; the Horrors at the O2 supported by ungoogleable hipsters Toy. It was a gig full of fashionable hair and fancy clothes and those Barbie Architect glasses all the hip kids are wearing. Cocktail dresses and leather jackets in the mosh-pit. I was a bit disappointed that we were downstairs but they've sorted the sound and moved the mixing deck to the back so that's another venue off the shit list. Then the Fox and Firkin in Lewisham on Saturday for a Space Heroes gig, which was lovely (pizza, beer, hanging out with ginger_princess's mad friends) but getting back was a bloody nightmare as we were late enough to hit the roadworks.

I'd spent the earlier part of the day visiting the comic shop, hiking around Soho looking for suitable backgrounds and characters for secret project 0 and ops -- it turned out I remembered where the Butler and Wilson sale shop was, too (thanks motodraconis!) and I also found an odd little concession called Monki when I was in Selfridges going to the loo with interesting clothes and other stuff. When I turned up at the pub it was like a comedy sketch.

timscience: Did you get the comics?
Me: Even better than that!

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*Owl is, of course, Public Sector Owl. They're a mixed marriage in all senses.
**Too ill to read.