February 6th, 2012

2020 lack of vision

it's important to have a quest object

Ruby Tuesday the Roomba has a new battery. She's zimbering round the living room with carefree joy rather than the piteous crawl she had been reduced to. So that's a success. Alas, my tree-grafting dreams were catastrophically interrupted by a small but show-stopping five centimetres of snow. I had to stay in and read Embassytown instead. Annoying; also good.

This morning, my airy opinion that the tow-path would surely be free of snow were proved awesomely wrong. Instead I had a mile or two's walk on an inch of compacted snice, which seems to have used muscles in my torso I had forgotten all about. To the people cycling, I salute you, you maniacs. There were some nice redwings out and about, too, but I was too busy doing that placy-foot-flat-careful thing to truly appreciate them.

After a pointless round of cookware shops I remembered where pans come from and went to TKMaxx. There's a shoe I'm interested in, too, but it never went down low enough in Shuh and I'm not convinced it'll make it through to full markdown. Also I forgot to take a note of the brand, so I'm never going to see it again. But theoretically something like it might turn up in TKMaxx, so I keep on looking.

Anyway: yes. 365 days of house Collapse )