February 14th, 2012


pinterest, the thaw and primordial soup

So, I'm on Pinterest. My previous experience of advertisers' "mood boards" has been seeing the odd comedy sketch about them, but I think it's a (not very) social network based on that concept. Anyone else feels like playing multichannel digital scrapbook, ask and I'll chuck you an invite (or you can ask them and they'll invite you I expect - that's what I did). If you prefer single channel, might as well stick with the tumblr.

I had to get out there and deal with some things today, but there's still a certain amount of absolutely everything frozen solid in the garden. I put the apple in its new pot, and Harlequin tried to climb up it. It was cute, but kind of alarming. Pots get colder than ground, but there are still tiny shoots growing everywhere. Snowdrops too! I thought that they had all been outcompeted by angry weeds. The beans I fleeced still look pretty much alive; but then, so does at least one tiny bean shoot that I didn't. Didn't get to the propagater, too bad. Cold weather makes me slow.

Friends around yesterday to play Primordial soup. After someone asked, I also made some Primordial Soup (with a late cometary bombardment), and a brain jelly, because I don't use the brain jellymould often enough, and it wouldn't have been Darwin Day without roast velociraptor. Not quite the full-on Darwin Feast, but we made it to mammals by dint of cheese and biscuits.

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