April 5th, 2012


enter april

Some crazy dreams brought in the beginning of April. One of note involved participating in a Top Gear Special about car sharing and reducing car use which involved me driving the cast and crew to the studio in one of our minibuses. It was of course quite noisy in the minibus what with all their objections to this scheme (though I note that my subconscious shielded from the true horror of ever staring directly at Jeremy Clarkson, like a gardener sheltering a tender seedling). My job was to earnestly and calmly advocate car-sharing, taking the bus, car clubs, walking, vehicle rental schemes and to be very polite, caring and professional, while driving a minibus. Thankfully this multitasking nightmare came to a rapid end as Richard Hammond insisted on driving, and a series of alarming set pieces ensued where we drove over picnic furniture, through flowerbeds, towards pets, etc. Fortunately our minibuses have bucket seats (a little tight on the larger gentleman, but very safe) and very secure seatbelts. Mercifully I woke up before we had to Flip the Minibus (which was going to be the finale), at which point they would cut back to the studio (and probably joke about how I'd tragically died).

Shock News of the morning is that Nelson has been nominated for an Eisner. Under "best anthology", in case you can't spot us. Yes, I know LOTS of people have been nominated. I don't care. Eisner!

My digital camera's screen has started doing the b&w wibbly wobbly thing, like it's about to start showing me pictures from beyond the grave, so I have regretfully bought another cheapish compact camera with skills beyond its size to replace it. It occurs to me that I've been walking around with a compact camera in my pocket since I was about 10 -- a 110 I got by collecting coupons off the back of a cereal packet -- [quite a few] years of snapping. I'll be sad to wave off the old camera as it's the one bought for me by all of my lovely friends after I was mugged, not to mention the co-author of Miss World Queen but with a little careful coddling and retirement from my pocket, I should be able to bring it out for special occasions for a few years yet.

In other news, Peonies. Good idea, or bad idea?