April 16th, 2012


Strumpet anxieties and sickyish times

Embarrassingly had to duck out of a gig on Friday (four new songs from Space Heroes of the People including the delightful "How Satellites Work") after my stomach finally made a Decisive Action. I've been getting a bit of this lately (woozy head, weird stomach) and I'm getting sick of it. So I decided to institute Helen's Cure. Helen was a boss of mine at Oxfam some years ago, and like many people who worked for Oxfam with any seriousness (which inevitably involves periods overseas in non luxury-locations), had strong views about how to cure stomach woes. Collapse )

So duly on Saturday (having staggered around all Friday with something I thought was a hangover from Yuri's night, but on reflection may have been down to some dodgy hummous) I went for a long quiet sit down in the afternoon (and saw The Hunger Games -- which is great) and then headed down the pub for live beer, chips + mayo and a kiwi burger. Stomach sorted. Then I went home for another sit down (and saw Whip it -- also very good).

Here and there, dotted around among all of this, I was replying to Strumpet emails -- we're into active editorial phase now, and the interesting things (seeing lovely bits of work and sketches from people) and the boring ones (which will be familiar to anyone who's done any sort of all-female project) and hopefully, very soon, the first WIP over on the blog :D

...and so to 365 days of house Collapse )