July 22nd, 2012

Na Vecne Casy!

Milton Keynes is a Futuristic Paradise

I am ON HOLIDAY. Yes, of course, I still have an essay to complete and sundry tasks to accomplish but frankly, NONE OF THIS MATTERS. Because the sun is shining, the day is bright, the Tour de France has been spectacularly entertaining and, you know. Kittens. Holiday kicked off with a flying visit to the Milton Keynes International Festival of Strange, largely because we'd heard that there would be a bouncy Stonehenge there (and also because we went two years ago and it was ACE). Traffic was terrible. Weather was appalling. Stomach was in knots. Festival was AMAZING:

Bouncy stonehenge! acting the goat
Drainpipe garden concrete cow
drying out my socks creature sculpture
from afar adjusted grotto of vests
moving flaming waterlily over a lake! they're loving the bicycles