August 5th, 2012

2020 lack of vision

Stand up and be counted for the Cultural Olympiad

Central London, as I'm sure you've been told and told by now, is strangely quiet and clear of disruption. The tube lines all have good service, and there are pink-clad volunteers grinning and flirting on every street corner. You can find a seat, somewhere to sit down, breakfast, anything you might need at short notice. I was in London with timscience for our anniversary celebrations, which consisted of Heatherwick at the V&A (we saw the moving bridge demonstration!), the latest work of The Plastinator (eat after you go, not before), visit to my sister, Light Asylum and Planning to Rock at Antony's Meltdown and, oh yes, A Room for London.

This old thing! it's a boat
happy anniversary! slightly scary
welcome to the final mooring it's quite a simple key

I've uploaded a few of the photos. More to follow. It was good.

rocked by the Thames; woken by helicopters

There's a Lego map of the world being built on the South Bank; and a maze of books in the Royal Festival Hall. The usual overpriced theatre bars are supplemented by an outdoor food market (different foods every day) and a host of temporary eateries in converted shipping containers. There's a beach dyed in rainbow colours, roof gardens, and a basement full of inclusive art including old desks, a photo machine and a bored man who will make you an imaginary world passport. It all has a bit of the feel of the next; the room for London was stuffed with books, too -- factuals about art and towerblocks nestling against suitable authors like Ballard and Self. As well as checking out the hatwalk, we also went to art of the unseen (which featured two very different air conditioned white rooms and an invisible maze negotiated by wearing a vibrating headpiece) as it was included in the price, along with lots of other places (members' bars, etc.) but we grudged any time not spent in the boat.

helicopters! log book completed
a last scan of the horizon down hatch
a little sad us on the posters