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16th August 2012

Waking up every morning from stupidly complex and elaborate dreams. This morning; holed up in a vast country house while some unexplained terror took place outside; chewing a mouthful very carefully, because I'm not sure if there's a wasp in it; assembling fancy packages in a huge room full of rows of tables, like a formal dining hall or a really fancy classroom (somebody else's project). I could have stayed in that one for another few hours, but the day was starting.

Every day I come back from work to find the hall looking a little more finished as timscience progresses with operation hall-and-stairs. An odd stop motion effect, like rot in reverse. We have a cracked stair tread (just the one) which is annoying. Anyone had to replace one of them?

Still feeling a little missed out at not having gone to the Olympics; apart from anything else, the park is full of exactly the sort of art I like (corporate, conflicted, awkwardly lunging towards a better world). Still hoping the Pringle will re-open for regular cycle races afterwards, too. Am I alone in thinking that Oxford needs a velodrome? A night out at the bikes appeals strikes me as the sort of evening I could really get behind; unlike boxing, you can a least pretend that it's not all about the injuries, and unlike the dogs, the cyclists can consent, rage, swear, storm off in a huff and retire to local sports promotion jobs. Here's a company that makes temporary velodromes. The portable ones are wicked fast; the smallest size you can get before the cyclists just fall over.

In other news, I found out that the Tigridia bulbs I bought on offer are the Tiger Lillies I remember from childhood stories (what on earth is a Tiger Lily?) who were always posh and a little snooty. Their flowers only last for a day, which is probably why they aren't too popular in a world where you could blink and miss that, however, they look like this:

whoa!!!! tiger lily