September 20th, 2012


two dreams

I dreamed I was at a big sports event taking place in a series of ruined stadiums and walled gardens. I wanted to get from one end of the site to the other, so I cut out through the perimeter fence and walked through a trampled meadow, while the roar of the crowds sounded in the distance. The sun was shining and it was hot so I kicked off my shoes. As I was about to slip back through the fence I realised my shoes were still in the meadow and went back for them. The first pair of shoes I found was not mine, and nor was the second, but the third was and I slipped them back on again, wondering how many people had walked through this meadow and left their shoes behind.

I dreamed I was hunting comic book creators in a big warehouse. They were all from a particular town in Europe where there were lots of cool cartoonists. Someone had got me a list and I had sent out lots of invites and here we were, chasing them around walkways and gantries and shooting. The guns were some sort of electronic distribution system, when I shot a comics creator, their comics were instantly distributed to subscribers. I imagined little bursts of panels exploding where the rays hit and wondered what it looked like to the people watching and wondered where I was going next and was glad I didn't know.

Speaking of comics, anyone fancying a pre-order of the Strumpet, the Kickstarter awaits. Contributors at the $35 Dollar mark get a sketch by me of their face posing in a seaside cut-out, with the beach behind (you may also ask for something/someone standing on the beach).