September 30th, 2012


pyramidal cake; rats; the end of the long count

Strange dreams last night. Doing some work at truecatachresis's place which was a huge rambling house on a hill on the outskirts of town. I saw a mouse, and then another mouse, and then there were lots of mice and even big black and white rats in the place -- but they looked clean and well cared for and I wondered if they were not actually an infestation but pets.

Last night, earlier; a discussion of the upcoming Mayan apocalypse down the pub. I shamefully confused my Aztec and Mayan gods. Pulque and the rabbit gods belong to the Aztecs, of course. The Mayans had balché (a brutal cocktail of mead and insecticide) and the bee gods. Wondering if it's better to have an apocalypse party or a day after the apocalypse party. Either way, we had some great ideas for snacks (pyramid stacks of chocolate cake with raspberry coulis running down them) and cocktails (see above). I use apocalypse loosely here; the end of the long count (and the beginning of the next) could be seen simply as a very occasional new year's party.