October 17th, 2012


godzilla and the unforgiven kitten

It's been a heavy few days on The Strumpet (comics anthology I edit with ellenlindner) as we iron out the final art problems (now ironed, comic has gone to bed) find for a few hours for a launch party (which will be Friday 9th November at Orbital Comics) and generally totter towards the launch. Speaking of which -- I know what I get when I google "strumpet comic" (my job-list, more or less) but maybe that's just me -- sparkymark expressed concern that it might bring Billie Piper related sauciness, does it? What does it get you?

Ah, also a link for damiancugley -- the tumblr of beautiful cartoonist Cinders McLeod* -- I'm linking to lots of odd bits and bobs like this from The Strumpet Blog at the moment -- I've never been very keen on auto-mirroring content, but maybe for the Strumpet stuff I should make an exception?

My cat brought me a robin at the weekend. By Monday I was still quite cross with her (which may also be down to the fact that readjusting her bell means she can wake me up again) but timscience was adamant that I should not go to work with an unforgiven kitten. Naturally, it being the moment of forgiveness, she had disappeared. Eventually I found her atop the garage roof, staring down at a too-distant ground with huge, sorrowful, suicidal eyes. Honestly cat, you and your unreasonable sense of drama. She was forgiven, anyway. Little monster. Speaking of which, here is your morning dose of Godzilla:

*I went googling for Cinders a few years ago and all I could find was a blog post by some guy about how though there were no female cartoonists in Scotland there was one and it was she. You wouldn't make it up!