February 19th, 2013


Avengers Assemble! (the annotated menus) - Part 1, Captain America

With various friends, we just watched all six of the Avengers Movies over two days as a two-day birthday celebration for two heroic friends, with appropriate accompaniments and entertainments. I found out some neat new recipes, many valuable lessons were learned about the importance of keeping your lab books, backing up research and securing your funding streams, and the whole thing was thoroughly tweeted (and got two hash tags - #alcoholicsassemble and #ultimateavengersmoviemarathon, though that won't get you to the most complete record which was kept by oxfordslacker).

In this spirit of keeping good records, under the cuts are the menus, watching notes and selected recipes. Though if you venture under the cut be warned; the contents are heroic and will consume both space and time. Collapse )
big balloons

Avengers Assemble! (the annotated menus) - Part 2-3, Iron Man 1 & 2

Whether it came from Robert Downey Jnr. or Iron Man himself, there is a heck of a lot of eating and drinking in Iron Man's two films (and whenever he's on screen during Avengers for that matter). Millionnaire playboy party maniac -- tottering from reception to bedroom (where the champagne appears to be plumbed in) to charity fundraiser; before we've even finished with the credits and flashback sequence which opens Iron Man 1, he's drunk whisky, champagne, sake, wine, more whisky, more champagne, and been blown up. We had indoor fireworks for that.

There were, however a few key foodie moments too: Collapse )
glasses on the webcam

Avengers Assemble! (the annotated menus) - Part 4, Hulk

Ed Norton's justly neglected Hulk had the lowest roster of viewers of all of the film (in case you're wondering we were catering for 7-12 people) which is a shame because in it, Dr Banner/Hulk walks from Brazil to New Columbia, and mostly the change in scene is signalled by food. Bananas signal Guatamala, chillies say, Hey! We're in Mexico, take-out coffee tells you that yes, this is an American university, hot dogs tell you you're in New York and eventually black tea and dried fruit says you're in a Canadian cabin. There's not a lot of drinking in Hulk, but the eating! But maybe it's for the best; to quote Dr Banner, You wouldn't like him when he's hungry... Collapse )
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Avengers Assemble! (the annotated menus) - Part 5, Thor

Thor is a film greatly obsessed with quaffing and feasting, featuring as it does, a mass of intercut scenes between those spiritual and culinary twins Space Asgard and the American Midwest. This film needs Mead, which truecatachresis and squigglyruth eventually obtained from a friend with a stockpile, as there was not a bottle of the honey stuff to be found in all of Oxford (and most of the places I was trying had closed or turned into sandwich shops). I've heard that Waitrose occasionally stocks it, but alas I had no time to ride the rainbow bridge to Witney on the offchance. It also needs boilermakers. More of that anon. Collapse )
monument destroyer

Avengers Assemble! (the annotated menus) - Part 6, Avengers

The last movie in a marathon often suffers from being a bit of a culinary downstroke (not least because everyone is full!) and it is true that there is rather more tragedy and property damage, and less eating and wisecracking in Avengers Assemble! than in the other films. However, once again, Tony Stark came to rescue us all. And so (unexpectedly) did Loki! Even Pepper ("I love to be handed things") did her bit to keep us eating and drinking right to the credits. And beyond. Because of course in Avengers the main meal is in the post-credit sequence. Shawarma, anyone? Collapse )