March 25th, 2013

Walking away

this icy wilderness of winter

There are no daffodils in my garden. How can this be? I planted plenty, but there are just a few frail green stems poking up into the Siberian blast we have instead of spring breezes this year. Maybe they'll become flowers later. IF WINTER EVER ENDS. I've grown my hair. I'm wearing layers. I'm doing vigorous exercise to keep warm whenever I find myself outside, with the wind flaying the outer layers of my skin one by one, until the cold empty hollow shell within is laid bare. Much more of this and my eyes will turn either deathless blue or zombie yellow, although I think I'll skip the rampaging. Too much risk of chilblains.

In the last month or so I have discovered Martin Millar's contribution to the paranormal romance genre (yes he of Lux the Poet and Alby Starvation fame) about which I can only say... I got the sequel out of the library. I also completed Nudge, and in some sort of puzzling burst of creativity did a sort of... crit comic(?) about it. An oddity. I've started volunteering in the Oxfam bookshop again and already been rewarded with a copy of Orlando goes to the moon for a very reasonable price! I read it my neiblings last weekend and they loved it (especially Tinkle saying "why?") I'm going to "David Bowie Is..." for my birthday and unreasonably delighted by the merch attached to the exhibition.

Also: this.

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