April 4th, 2013


it's not all tales of blood and vomit

My recent medical woes bore fruit with my first brush with NHS Choice -- in which instead of a notice of appointment, I received notice to set up my own appointment from a choice of three options (of which only one made any sense). The only real choice didn't have online booking set up, so I called the (as it turned out, deceptively) local phone number. A long wait and a phone tree later, I ended up at a central NHS call centre somewhere, where I got a guy who'd already found all the blind alleys in the system training someone who hadn't yet. This is usually a pretty good option and he correctly identified a problem (you can't be logged into choose and book at the same time as them) and found me an appointment within a fortnight (with an apology that there was nothing sooner). Easy enough that I could do it while in pathetic recovery from a winter vomiting bug.

Oh yes, about that -- the incubation period appears to be three days and I would probably have been infectious... ah yes. Tuesday evening, at the very least. Sorry everyone! At least it seems to be a fairly mild one -- I was only really bad for about 24 hours. And convalescence has its benefits: colouring waking up, last week's weekly strip, is the ideal sofa-based activity.

Waking up!

Edited to add: I have a TwBirthday? What? Since when?