June 8th, 2013

monument destroyer

cambridge next weekend; then London; then Tankfest

It must be summer, the weekends are filling up. And not just with gardening, although I am about to go outside and plant some Cosmos so obscure they don't even have a printed packet. I know it's late, but the weather's been too grim for planting. Here's hoping that the late spring leads to a lazy summer and that autumn forgets to turn up till it's nearly winter.

So, next weekend it's Cambridge for a solstice party -- we're crashing overnight so could potentially see people on Saturday or Sunday if anyone is around? And any recommendations for unmissable things happening next weekend in Cambridge also most welcome. We're already doing one (the party) but there is always room for more.

London the following weekend where we will observe ART in the day and eat lunch somewhere. This is mostly to see my sister (plus neiblings) in the evening, but again, any suggestions most welcome.

After that, things get a bit stranger. I'm going to do a day of Tank Fest with timscience, and I'm heading to Hampon Court flower show with tinyjo. Because I like tanks AND flowers.

I also quite fancy catching one of the Malmaison roof films this year though buying in advance is probably asking for a monsoon. Also, everything I want to see if midweek which makes it not very suitable for any out-of-towners who might want to watch Life of Pi or Labyrinth with me.