July 25th, 2013


hey ho, a flower show

Thanks very much to all for your lovely birthday wishes/gifts/visits/tapas, you have all been fabulous (especially you, uitlander, who have created a mysterious dinosaur muffin future). The reason why I've been spending the last couple of days doing little more than feebly pressing the like button is that I managed to do my stomach some damage somehow (my guess is the big lunch box full of left over tapas stored in a sweltering office for several hours) and I've been in a state of serious, collapsed, no comfortable position illness. I've now progressed to the irritable and cranky stage of illness so am practically healed. But. really.

Anyway, one NEW THING I did recently was visit a flower show, with tinyjo and her mum. For various reasons to do with intense summer scheduling it had to be Hampton Court, which caused me a small stab of republican annoyance, but actually that turned out well as it's big on new and fancy varieties, flowers and blooms, and has a reasonable stab at conceptual show gardens -- all things I like. It was the hottest day of the year (again!) and the roses in the rose marquee were wilting as only the very best of roses can. I returned with some insane tomato seeds to try next year (including one that literally says "this will shock the neighbours" on the packet), a stunning poppy-flowered Abutilon and a tiny Tree Fern which is already unfurling happily in the humidity.

I recently found going to a flower show being used (I think by a Guardian columnist) as the ultimate expression of being no longer radical, I think in relation to some ancient rock star rumoured to be going to Chelsea. I disagree. I think that the time of the punk garden(er) is upon us. For anyone doubting the innate radicality of bloomage, see below.

delphinium moonlight the fridge garden
oilslick reflections forest fire recovery

P.S. For anyone wondering if I do now know the answer to the life, the universe and everything, my mum very thoughtfully sent me a card with it in. It's ice cream, apparently.