September 11th, 2013


the bump of air as the train goes by

Very disappointed by the St Giles Fair this year. The antique roundabout where you could ride on giant cockerels was absent again, suggesting its absence is now the permanent state of affairs. I wonder how they bless the fair now they can't play a hymn on its mechanical organ? There was another (smaller) antique roundabout tucked between some shooting galleries and a tiny's roundabout but it wouldn't be the same. No cockerels. The incredible Froggit game, which had been showing its age for the past few years (many of the rubber frogs had worked through their last legs and were down to no legs at all) was this year absent altogether, leaving me without the joy of catapulting frogs towards steel lily pads with the help of a chained down mallet. Worst of all, there was no German sausage. Although new ride Crazy Rodeo (a huge multiple mechanized version of the old greasy pole game I remember from the country shows of my childhood) was certainly drawing a crowd.

And so to this week's strip. At the time I was writing I felt buffeted (it dates to 2012) by circumstances and actions beyond my control. Re-reading it I see perhaps an undeliberate nod to the darkling plain of Dover Beach; with ignorant armies updated to vast unstoppable vehicles.

Trains in the night detail
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