November 15th, 2013


sic of this austerity posturing/pomegranate tagine

Parcel delivery in our area has reached the bottom of the subcontracting chain, again. Yodel, of the dented liveried vans and creatively delivering drivers (parcels ended up crushed under shed doors, in various bins, on the doorstep under a bin, etc.) are no longer delivering in this area. Instead we have Hermes, self-employed local drivers in their own cars with a dispatch unit and an impossibly overstuffed delivery schedule, knocking and dashing from address to address, having been optimised a step too far to fit in the actual delivery part of the job. So... I might get the stuff I ordered from Amazon Marketplace, or I might not. There are no depots, and you can only rearrange if the courier leaves their personal mobile number on the card (hahaha).

I cooked a nice meal last night, so I'm recording it. Lamb Tagine with pomegranate. Collapse )

The last of Halloween has run into the beginning of Christmas with the inevitable result of Christmas Owls. Also, one of my gardening catalogues turned up with what is apparently an ostentatious austerity Christmas tree (see below) in its pages. You can't buy it (sigh of relief), it's a serving suggestion, however it may have set the tone for Christmas 2013.

skully brownie austerity christmas
burrowing owls of primark leaves and the sky