September 18th, 2014

Sunflower head

Snaptember september second week (includes pie)

Second week got off to a shakey start when I failed to take a photograph. Some Mondays are like that, of course. You roll out of bed and spend a desperate hour watering the garden (which is grumpily withering in this awful September drought), jog down the tow-path into work while peevishly fielding emails on the pocket monster, don't stop all bloody day (and still fail to clear the job list), come home just in time to empty the roomba, feed the cat, check the moodle in case term began when you weren't looking, cook and then collapse into the chore list which today included, well...

September 8th - Winnowing the wardrobe

I keep a daily sketch diary. Only the occasional picture makes it onto the internet because as you can see I don't bother finishing the pictures (and often it's a bit, eh, personal). It's great for supporting my memory and identifying what happened when. It's going to end up needing its own shelf, though! Today I was clearing out the wardrobe. The dress I'm wearing is a little black sequinned number with pockets over the hips deep enough to conceal a bottle of wine. It's awesome, but it does my legs no favours, which I think came across in the picture.

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If you're wondering about what happened to Friday, the answer is a bottle of wine.