Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day (cleanskies) wrote,
Jeremy Dennis is Jeremy Day

it was so big she had to carve it up when she moved house

landscape - reflecting
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.
But I took my camera right in close to see the way it rippled and curled and twisted and glittered in detail.

This is one of my mother's artworks, I took some photos when I was up in Scotland; the faces are from local newspapers, mostly, the faces of semi-familiar strangers. The rest of it is shreds of plastic and cardboard and paper, and lots of fragments of mirror.

As you look closer, you catch movement in its depths; your reflection flickering in the mirror-scraps. It took a bit of lining up to make a proper mirror shot of it ... there are a few more views of it over on my flickr pages. I didn't get many because I'd left my spare card at home.

Her house is so pretty, though, and the things in it.

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