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landscape - reflecting
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.
But I took my camera right in close to see the way it rippled and curled and twisted and glittered in detail.

This is one of my mother's artworks, I took some photos when I was up in Scotland; the faces are from local newspapers, mostly, the faces of semi-familiar strangers. The rest of it is shreds of plastic and cardboard and paper, and lots of fragments of mirror.

As you look closer, you catch movement in its depths; your reflection flickering in the mirror-scraps. It took a bit of lining up to make a proper mirror shot of it ... there are a few more views of it over on my flickr pages. I didn't get many because I'd left my spare card at home.

Her house is so pretty, though, and the things in it.


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20th Dec, 2004 03:08 (UTC)
That's beautiful. I used to collect weekend newspaper supplements in order to make collages. They didn't turn out quite as well as your mother's creation but I like them anyway.
You're up awful late.
20th Dec, 2004 10:01 (UTC)
christmas chores
... but it paid off this morning when I got to the post-office early enough there was NO QUEUE. Christmas twilight zone freaky.
20th Dec, 2004 10:25 (UTC)
so are you. Better reasons, I hope ;)
20th Dec, 2004 19:15 (UTC)
Re: also,
Sadly no. I have no idea why I was up that late. I wrote Christmas letters and did drawings for people at 2am the other night though. Always seems to be the way.
Do you know Warren Ellis' new livejournal name by the way? It's Superflow, in case you're interested.
20th Dec, 2004 23:25 (UTC)
cheers ...
I'd been meaning to catch up on where he'd got to, but you know ... christmas ...
20th Dec, 2004 19:45 (UTC)
I think this is wonderful.. wish it was in a place where we could go and see it in real life..
20th Dec, 2004 23:26 (UTC)
I'll pass on your compliments
to the artist :)
21st Dec, 2004 15:48 (UTC)
Re: I'll pass on your compliments
Well, yes, but I figger that stopping by your Mama's place and saying, "Hi, I read things your daughter writes and stare at things she draws, but only on the internet, but I'm not a stalker, and she said I could come in and look at all your art. *insert awkward pause here* Could I have some tea and a go at your toilet, too?"
22nd Dec, 2004 08:50 (UTC)
there's a great mural
on the toilet door.
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