February 4th, 2018

Green hair good

Hourly Comics Day 2018

So, yes, Hourly Comics Day. It was a wee bit of a busy day for me, so I apologise in advance for the chaotic nature of the art. Oh bloody hell, livejournal, really??? Reverse order!!!!????

OK, let me just fix that....

Right, fixed. So, obviously I didn't ink anything, this is rough pencils. I've gone over it today where things were illegible or so badly spelled to be incomprehensible. Oh, and the final page, because I ran out of blank paper for that one and drew on the back of an old print-out and of course you need the pencil to be quite hard over that or the scanner sees the pencil and the printer ink through the paper as the same tone, making the post-process very hard. Equally obviously there were points in the day where I wasn't in a position to draw (the three hour meeting, e.g.) so some of the drawing was done in bunches. But it was all completed on the day - as my triumphant twitter post demonstrates. You've got a bigger picture on click, and there are some footnotes between pages to help out artfail/clear up ambiguities/make it clear that I'm a colossal Squirrel Girl fan.

Footnote break alert! I'm going to have a bath, then finish them later tonight.


I wasn't very clear about what a Butler Brush is.


That wasn't a great picture of our bread bin.


Read my review of Sweet Charity here, and check out Rich Man's Frug here.


That wasn't a great picture of my hanging basket - I got the handle wrong!! It's one of the stove top kettles I wrecked by boiling dry before I got over the whole stove top kettle thing. Caraway Beef is a thing.


Paul's bizarre and lovely floating led circles are part of our new huge commercial/entertainment space, The Westgate. I only have to alter my walk to work a tiny bit to swing by it. The Keep Cup test is how the baristas respond when you hand them a keep cup. Paul's made me an excellent cup of coffee and then asked me if I wanted them to put the lid on if I'd rather do it myself, which is a pass with flying colours.


This is a terrible picture of my cake-enthusiast colleague, and doesn't really do justice to the cake either.


That WTF moment should be familiar to anyone who's ever managed a website. I've just discovered that a database is not acting as expected, an hour before I'm due in a meeting twenty minutes away. Catch my earworm here.


Never seen a restorative window before? Knock yourself out, but keep it restorative!


My top actually has decorative lions and tigers on it, not weird squiggles.


Any wireless access which requires log-on via a web gateway is a colossal pain in the arse, even if you're not using a secure tunnel system plus a variety of secure long-on to web delivered systems locked to IP, which we are.


Very understated menstruation scene for an autobiographical comic.


I'm not working late (remember how late I got in) I'm working flexibly. I'm probably the only person in the world who calls work experience students WEx students. I did get through to him on the phone in the end. Eventually.


Here's the take me to the mountains lobster, over on @mrsjeremyday's instagram. I liked the paperchase own brand flexi fabric bound A5 blank pads, but those have been discontinued. What will I do my page-a-day in now?


We're doing Couch to 5K, in case that wasn't clear. Also: What could be better, than fighting fire with you?


In case you missed A Game of Crows.


They're actually called Chocolate Gemstones. Oh, and did you miss phenomenally stupid phone game Kleptocats?


I am wearing a Future of the Left t-shirt. Ooh look, the cat of the day calendar is still available. Tearevv is the Manchester tea blender. Ooh, valentine blends.


Photograph of the warring cats.