November 4th, 2018


inktober round-up post

The decision to participate in #inktober this year was made pretty lightly, to be honest. I didn't look at the prompt list or even think about it much. Most pictures were drawn by starting with a line and seeing where it went, though here and there I did an initial splash or used a bleedthrough from the prvious day. As the month went on, the metal spiralbind on my sketch book (which was a cheap item with fibrous paper not well suited to drawing on with ink) started to debind, cat scratches and hair (my cat found the ink endlessly fascinating) began to build up and the whole thing got a bit smeary. But I had this idea that I had about 30 bottles of ink, and I did; every single picture is a different ink, and most are drawn with different brushes and nibs. It was like unwrapping a new present every day, and while I didn't have much time for the unboxing (2-10 mins typically) I did what I could in the space that I had.

inktober-2018-01.jpg inktober-2018-16.jpg
inktober-2018-21.jpg inktober-2018-28.jpg

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