December 5th, 2018


compilation of october music - the last voice you will ever hear

October's compilation opens with William Burroughs, just to avoid any shocks when you press play. I couldn't find the clip I wanted (William's welcome from Dead City Radio) so I went with an abridged version of Love Your Enemies, William's vision of weaponized love. I fear that things did go quite weird and creepy in places in this compilation - the inclusion of absolutely nobody's favourite David Bowie song, Little Bombardier, for example, or of Oxford's worst-named band (this is a stiff competition area, I do acknowledge) The Cellar Family. You may need to grit your teeth through bits of this. But bear with me. Autumn is always an endurance sport, with no prize in sight, only winter, coming. Sink Ya Teeth are back again of course, with Sextile and Teleman keeping it contemporary, but there's also a lot of history dredged up from my current run through the CD shelves with classic tracks from Chemical Brothers, Black Star Liner, Bomb the Bass etc. plus a couple of obscure house tracks from Young Marco and Andruss. Plus us, of course; Track 13, The Depths. Ruby Rain, the closer, I accidentally found on an album of classic love songs from Italian films. I was checking out the album because Grace Jones was on it (and on the cover, dressed improbably as an Italian gamine). Turned out I had the Grace Jones track already. But Laura Evan's Ruby Rain is a heartbreaker.

I just ran off the end of the book where I was drawing the covers. This is drawn on the inside back; you can see where the pen has lifted from the shiny card.

And here is today's picture of Harlequin Cat. Her little paws.