February 3rd, 2019

princess rosalind

hourly comics day : meet snow day

So, hourly comics day came, and so did the snow. I started off trying to go a bit more up-class than last year, with a stylish chiaroscuro image of myself being woken up with by an alarm clock, drawn in smart Sharpie shadows. But it wasn't right for the stuck-at-home, still-at-work, nothing-working, everything snowed-in nature of the day. I ended up screwing it up and chucking it away. And then retrieving it from the bin to look at it (all the while picking up my emails, running the checks on the websites, getting ready for Safer Internet Day, etc.) I went upstairs and pulled out all my half-used notepads. I found an AVG "Be Yourself" notepad I'd got free at a tech conference and a black bic biro. Ready to work the day. And what a day it was. Here, in a highlight scene, I am riding a giant grasshopper as part of a Brexit metaphor:


Read on for snowpeople, amazing cold weather fashion choices, the most amazing Eggs Benedict in Oxford right now, fancy tea, mysterious raptors, e-learning, experimental cocktails, macaroni cheese, and a child feeding a deer in a housing estate. Also, a lot of pictures of Scribble. Collapse )