August 19th, 2019


build it up, tear it down...... the

Paging cleanskies, motodraconis, timscience, t__m__i, bibliogirl and emperor, and anyone else who might be participating, I'm finally publishing my #tenovertwelve compilation this morning. I was reluctant to publish it online because although it does match the theme ("build it up, tear it down") and in fact that was the theme I suggested, the subject matter is one of those that brings things knocking, not just from the anonytrolls hand helpfulstrangers but also from reasonable I've-never-experienced-that friends and surely-that-never-happens acquaintances.


Thanks one and all! Lots of the comp is from comps people gave me, so thanks for the help too. You should be able click through to read the sleeve notes in full, but in case anything is unclear, I copy it again here:

This compilation, on the theme of build it up, tear it down, was inspired by the Ryan Adams approach to mentoring female talent. For those who this story passed by, musician Ryan Adams rhapsodised in an interview about how much he loved mentoring female musicians. In the wake of this, various women described how the experience had felt from their end; pursued sexually, mocked, belittled, work dangled and then withdrawn, cut off from other contacts, held back, thwarted, blocked, some exasperated into exiting the music industry altogether. Adams hit back, calling them embittered and mediocre, low in talent and high in resentment, frivolous cultural lightweights, irrelevant. Baby’s on Fire, track 2 on this compilation, takes a visceral run through this minefield, rolling in racism as well as sexism on the way. Other tracks explore insecurity, double standards, sexual pressure, toxic relationships and male privilege. Some of the lyrics are deeply queasy. But with those reservations I love every track, even as I feel the ambiguity - he’s helping. Yes. No. Not.

As ever, if anyone wants to discuss my interpretation of Brian Eno, wonder why on earth The Emperor of Oranges is on my playlist (Steve Whitaker gave me a copy of a mix CD he made for someone else, and it was on that), get a link, share another appropriate song or say why "numberwang" would have been a much better theme - head to the comments!