August 27th, 2019


a long walk down a hot road in July

What was July last year that I couldn't access my memories of it for almost a year? For I am writing this in May 2020, from the depths of the Coronavirus Crisis, trying to remember my overheated and hurting 2019 self, iller than she realised and unhappier too. The periods had started to go quite wrong by this stage, and the recent arrival of Mulberry cat had started to catch a tiny tarnish of him being the wrong cat. This phenomenon, well known to people who have lost any beloved creature, is the exquisite sense of feeling both that you love the existing animal very much and that they are wonderful and perfect in every way; but at the same time they are not the one that you have lost and will never see/hold/hear/feel/smell again. There's an explosion of anger, contained by its own pointlessness, little smoke trails of guilt and failed stoicism. And a bewildered little animal wondering why you are holding it tight and crying.

But anyway, this is what I am here for:

July: She work very hard to Friday night Big Screen. You've got a few watch-this videos in the mix. Track 2, Chris dancing on Parisian rooftops, in a style simultaneously boy band and not. Tracks 14, 15 and 16 -- Chemical Brothers sending a dog to the moon, Destiny's child Jumpin' and Cazwell's bonkers Beyonce fantasies. And you'll want to drop back in for final track 20, where a Girli fan has stitched together a super-lovely video for Friday Night Big Screen -- I'll be your Buttercup, you can be my Westley....

Here's the full tracklist. The two items off a Spanish compilation of obscure electro are fruit of emusic's long tail, which I occasionally comb for lost tracks. In this case, it's a version of A Horse with No Name by a band from the early 90s so obscure I can't even remember its name, lost in a great multi-device music library failure. I go for a look through covers periodically, hoping to rediscover it. I didn't, but I found the oeuvre of Mun records and they had an electro cover which was quite good, actually, and so was the rest of the comp, especially Neon Walrus!